Two Habits to Help You Succeed at Work (and home) in 2018

Habits help you succeed

Well, here we are in 2018! Happy New Year! How’s your year going so far? More importantly, have you taken the time to plan out your year, write down some goals, and create a plan to achieve them? It’s never too late! And if you need some inspiration, check out my post from November that lays out a 3-Step framework to planning a successful 2018 for you business and personal lives.

But once you’ve got your plan, now what?! Can you relate to this? You’ve got a plan, which is likely a bit risky, that gives you a little tightness in your chest when you look at it? For me, I look at my plan and think how on earth am I going to get all of this done?! So, this year I set out to implement some tips and tricks that I’ve found to help me become more efficient in not just my work but at home too.

I’d love to hear your secrets to getting it all done too, so please chime in! And I’ll report back as time goes on to let you know how well these strategies are working in my life and work.

Here are the two major habits I’ve found to help me the most that I hope can help you get a little more white space in your days:

Focus on your Big 3

We all have to do lists a mile long and list for home, work, charity work, etc. It’s a constant state of overwhelm. What I’ve learned is to pick the top three items that will have the greatest impact that day – or that must absolutely be completed – and put those at the top of your task list. Leadership guru Michael Hyatt calls these your “Daily Big 3.” By focusing on checking off those three things – although we all know, you’ll get many other things done in a day – you will feel a sense of accomplishment and that you actually moved forward in the areas that matter most.


Okay, apparently I’m a little hard-headed because I’ve been hearing about batching for years but finally recently began implementing this in my work and at home. Don’t be a block head like me. You’ve got to try this! So, batching is grouping together like tasks. For example, writing all of your social media posts for the week and schedule them in one sitting; or wash and prepare all of your fruits and vegetables for the week at one time on the weekend. It goes back to focus, when you have momentum in one direction, you’ll be much more efficient in getting all those tasks done if you batch them together. In my work, I have themes for each day of the week: I have one day each week that is set aside for just writing, one day that is set aside for just meetings, and one day for just administrative tasks. I’ve found that being able to focus on that one theme on those days has helped me focus, feel less scattered, and get much more done.

 Join the conversation! How are you getting it all done? What tricks do you use to increase efficiency and avoid feeling overwhelmed?

Remember, it’s not too late to make your plan for this new year. At the very least, write down some goals. You’re much more likely to achieve them if you commit them to paper. This is going to be a great year! Let’s crush it in 2018!



P.S. If you would like some help planning out 2018 for your real estate, mortgage, or professional services business, please let me know. During January, I’m conducting one-on-one planning sessions where we go through my system for strategically planning your year. I have one and two hour sessions available so sign up right away before my slots fill up! I’d love to help you make 2018 your best year yet!

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