Who’s the hero of your messaging?

Recently I heard an interview with branding expert and author Donald Miller that was so great! It was about how we so often make ourselves the hero of our marketing messaging but really we need to elevate our client as the hero, the Luke Skywalker, so to speak; and we serve as their guide, their Yoda.

In making that shift, we no longer have to make our messaging about us, but about our clients and their pain points and problems that, of course, we can address. What an amazing shift! Because really…do our clients really care about how many college degrees we have or how many years we’ve been doing this or that, or that we’ve closed millions in sales? No, they want to know how we are going to help them solve their problems and make them the hero of their own story. So, how exactly might this work for real estate and mortgage professionals? Check out my tips below:

1. How well do you know your clients? Before you can be a guide, you have to know what are your clients’ greatest problems, desires, or pain points. Is it a low credit score; or they’ve never purchased a home before and don’t know where to start; or perhaps they don’t know what neighborhood would be the right fit for them and their family. So in your messaging, think about naming them and then saying how you can help. For example, “I help families shopping for a home in Atlanta find the perfect neighborhood to grow up in.” Or, “I help small businesses find the best location for the best price.”

2. You be the guide – Think of all the ways you guide your clients when you’re sitting with them face-to-face and the questions and concerns they communicate to you. Use those topics as blog posts or social media posts, respecting their privacy of course. Collect all of those questions, concerns, and your tips in a resource guide, post online and have a link in your email signature line. Chances are you may find you are quite the expert in a few areas.

3. Always offer a plan – Make sure your messaging always includes a plan of action (aka ‘call to action’). Imagine you write a brilliant, helpful blog post that thousands read and sign it “Cheers, Melissa.” How are your readers supposed to interact with that? Of course I’ve never made that mistake – well, yes, I suppose I have, but not again! Give your readers a plan, like ‘call me to and we can chat about your options of home ownership,’ or ‘click to visit my free step-by-step guide for first time home buyers.’ You get the idea. People love steps so if you can offer three steps, all the better.

So remember, be the Yoda, make your clients the Luke Skywalker and you will undoubtedly see the success of your marketing and messaging increase!

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Here’s to hoping I’ve been your Yoda (just a little) today!

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